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Nordic Fairyland – Organic Scandinavian design baby andchildren products is an eco-friendly online store that sellsclothes, toys, bed linen and other children accessories made of organic cotton.It offers sustainable fashion for children.

We retail baby and children clothes from the Swedishcompanies: Maxomorra and DUNS Sweden. Both of them produce clothes in organiccotton, from 80% to 100% organic cotton, certified by GOTS (Global OrganicTextile Standard). They also have the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification forcoloring, meaning that less or almost no chemical are used in the dye process.  

From Franck&Fischer, a Danish company, we import toys,bed linen, decorative cushions, rugs and other baby accessories all made ofcertified organic cotton. DanishDesign has always had a certain ring to it. In every part of the world it’ssynonymous with unique design, pure style and high quality, and, of course,FRANCK & FISCHER’s products are no exception. Each product is carefullymanufactured with a lot of focus on details, to ensure that functionality and highplay value go hand in hand with an appealing design. The very core of ourcollection is cute looking figures of animals. They come from as differentplaces as farms, jungles, the Arctic regions and the sea – but in our worldthey live as one, in products for both nursery and playtime. FRANCK & FISCHER produces organically wheneverpossible. All colours meet the OEKO-TEX 100 standard and all wood is fromplantation forest or MDF1 which means no harmful chemicals in the glue and anenvironmental approach in production.

Nordic Fairyland is a retailer for the French brand: Sophiethe Giraffe. From the product range we choose to retail just the ones made ofnatural materials like organic cotton and natural rubber.

Apart from sustainability and eco-friendliness, we want tooffer our customers innovative products for their children. Therefore, weimport from Romania, “Violet by Andreea Marin Banica” – a collection of babybodysuits with stretchy underpants (called “Bodyflex”) that grow with the babyand can be worn for longer. This innovation won the Gold Medal at TheInternational Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva in 2010.

To buy our products online, please contact MY WISHLIST Team.

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