At MWL, we understand how stressful organizing an event can be, which is why we are dedicated to making this time in your life as stress-free as possible, by offering you a customized registry to suit your lifestyle and taste. With the help of our brands and partner stores, we hope to make selecting your gifts and creating your registry one of the most pleasurable parts of planning special event.

When Should We Set Up Our Registry?

You are welcome to start your registry online at anytime. However, for wish lists for a wedding or baby shower, we recommend you start your registry approximately 3 months before the Big Day. This is so you can give sufficient time to your guests to  contribute towards your wish list. If this is not possible, you can definitely create your wish list whenever you have to (even if it’s at the last minute!), and we’ll help you inform your guests about your registry.

What are the Steps For Creating a Wish List?

MWL prides itself on its personal, tailor-made service. Kindly refer to How it Works to know more.

Why do We Need a Consultation?

Consultations are great if you’d prefer personalized guidance and expertise. During a consultation with us, we will create and go through an extensive checklist that offers a clear indication of what exactly you need and want, and the procedure of creating successful registry. Once we have an idea of your requirements, we can work together in your selection and informing the guests of your registry.

How will Our Family and Friends Know of Our Registry?

On MWL, you can fill out the email addresses of the guests with whom you’d like to share the registry, and we’ll send them a personalized email informing them about your event and the link to your wish list. On request, MWL can also provide you with brief, personalized cards which can be used to discreetly inform your guests about your registry and can be placed along with your invite. Lastly, you can share about your wish list through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Does MWL Charge Any Fees?

MWL services are absolutely free for you and your guests. There is no shipping, admin, or registration cost involved for a standard Gift Registry created with our Partner stores.


Your guests can choose the service of Pay@Home whereby an agent is sent to the address provided by them to collect the funds. Once these funds are received, they are added to your online account. The process takes 2-3 working days. However, your guests will be charged an additional collection fee of AED 20.


A cash list registry allows you to collect the funds from your guests as gifts and convert them into a Prepaid Visa Card after you close your registry. You can then use this debit card anywhere in the world where Visa card is accepted.


Service fee of 4.5% is charged to the Cash List Registrant. For example, if you have collected AED 10,000 in your Cash List account, you will be charged AED 450 as a service fee to process and deliver your Prepaid Visa Card. The contributors towards the Cash List will pay a standard processing fee of 2.75% for using their credit / debit card. This fee will be added to their contribution amount at the time of the check out. For example, if the guest chooses to contribute AED 1000 towards your Cash List Registry, they will be charged a total amount of AED 1027.5 at the time of payment process.

Is There any Minimum or Maximum Amounton My Wish List?

There is no minimum or maximum amount on your wish list. However, we always advise that you add more items to your wish list of different price ranges, so that your guests are satisfied with adequate choices to choose from and are not restricted to a few items that may not fall within their reach.

We Would Like to include some larger items on our Wish List, Like Furniture Can our guests contribute an amount toward such a gift?

Yes, absolutely! You can select and include any large item on your wish list, and your guests will be able to contribute any amount of their choice, on your registry page. You will be able to see who has contributed toward which item, on your guest purchase report. A group of guests can also come together and contribute to buy one high-priced item, if they wish.

How will i get to know who gave the gift?

You can view the progress of your wish list 24 hours a day on our website under Manage your Wishlist, with details of the gifts purchased, guest names, and their personal messages. Additionally, for any purchase made by your guest, you will receive an email notification informing about the same.

What should i do if my family and friends live abroad?

MWL aims to bring your family and friends close to you, even if they live away from you or do not plan to visit you for your special event, by offering their wishes and gifts through our website. MWL has a 100% secure online payment process (Credit Card or PayPal) from any part of the world, hence, encouraging your guests to make a contribution from wherever they may be.

Can we change our mind about any of the gifts on our registry?

Your registry is completely flexible. If you may wish, you can purchase the gifts on your registry exactly as your guests have selected them (subject to the availability of the items in the partner stores) or you may prefer to make changes, i.e., not going ahead with some items and crediting that amount towards other gifts on your list. As long as the gifts haven’t been purchased in the partner stores, you can change the items on your registry or alter the quantities. Once the item has been purchased, the terms and conditions of refund and exchange vary, depending on individual store policy.

How can i collect my Gifts?

MWL will provide you with gift vouchers of the equivalent amount credited to your account, in various denominations for you to go and shop at our partner stores. These vouchers will be valid from 6 months up to 1 year, depending to the partner stores, thereby, giving you enough time to shop.

Am i obliged to buy the remaining items on my list if no one Purchases them?

No, you are not obliged to buy the remaining items. However, if you want to, you can visit the partner store and make the purchase.

I have not recieved sufficient amount towards an item? can i still purchase the item?

Yes, you can add additional funds to your account towards the item online or in store.

Can i have more than one Wish List under my account?

Yes, of course! You can create as many wish lists as you desire for various occasions and special events in your life. All you have to do is, log on to your account and click on Create a new wish list.

Can i make my list private and restricted to my guests?

You will have an option to make your wish list private or public at the beginning while registering. If you choose to make it private, you will be given a password which you are welcome to share with your guests to access your list. However, if you feel there has been a breach of confidentiality, please contact us as soon as possible and we will assist you.

How do i find a Wish List on the Website?

Unless the list is made private and password-protected, you can search for a wish list by entering the name of the owner who created the wish list or the event date.

Do we have an option of adding our own products which are not from the MYWISHLIST Partner stores?

Yes. MyWishList gives you an option to upload your own products once you create your registry. The products will appear pending on your list until approved by the admin. However, once these products are purchased by your guests, you will be charged service fee of 4.5% on the total amount contributed toward your own products.

In What currency does the transaction take place on the website?

The items purchased will be invoiced in Dirhams (AED), if the payment is made using credit card. We have a secured payment gateway through Mashreq Bank. However, if you wish to pay via PayPal, you will be invoiced in U.S. Dollars ($).

My online payment transaction was not successful using the credit card. What can i do about that?

Your online payment may be denied for various reasons. In such a case, please contact us to find a solution. In case of any further queries or doubts, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.